Why NIMT ?

Why NIMT ?

NIMT – Neptune Institute of Management and Technology is one of the pioneer institutes in India which is offering distance education or distance learning course to the masses. NIMT is one of the best distance education institutes, which is operating since 1995. The main aim of NIMT –Neptune Institute of Management and Technology is to impart distance education to masses, irrespective of the class, creed or status. That’s why we say NIMT is for all. NIMT basically is run and governs under an NGO named as “Shanti Devi Shiksha Samiti” whose main aim is to enable the poor people or the people who are not so fortunate to afford their education, the other aim of this NGO is to raise the poor cadre of the society and bring them to the level of rest of the society. Neptune Institute and Shanti Devi Shiksha Samiti works together for this initiative. There are many reasons why should you choose NIMT, like:

1. Complete Online Portal For Students:

Each and every student of NIMT is registered on the official website of NIMT, and the student is provided with the username and password to login and check their status, their profile or to directly communicate with the institute. The result of each and every student is live on the website and it remains there for about 20 years.

2. Very simple and easy third party verification process:

NIMT is very keen and supporting for the companies who approach us for the educational verification of our students. The verification process is very simple and, every company just have to mail us the name and enrollment number of the student on the email : exam.verification@nimtweb.org and we will provide them with our certificate of verification. Telephonic verification is also available, and even physical verification is also available.

3. E-Learning Portal

NIMT offers all their students the E-Learning module without any extra cost.  Any of the student of NIMT can simply login to our site with their respective username and password and can study online with our E-Learning module.

4. Online Exam Option

NIMT also offers online examination, which means that you can give exams from anywhere, since we have lots of our students from abroad, this option is very useful for them.

5. Our Certificate are accepted worldwide:

The certificate of NIMT are accepted in various countries like UAE, New Zeeland, Australia etc.

6. Highly Trained and well qualified career counselors:

All our career counselor are highly trained for the education sector and they will be always ready to assist you as much as they can. All the career councilors are highly educated themselves, about 70% of our career councilors are at least MBA.

NIMT offers a large number of courses:
1. Management Distance Education Courses
2. Technical Distance Education Courses
3. Computer Distance Education Courses