Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mechanical Engineering as A Career Option

Mechanical Engineering as A Career Option

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and the important field of engineering. Mechanical engineering is the field of engineering where engineers deal with the manufacturing, installing and maintenance of mechanical machines. It is one of the pioneer fields on engineering. The scope of mechanical engineer is unlimited and there can’t be any recession for mechanical engineers. The scope of mechanical engineer is very wide from a small automotive company to any large electricity dam.

Mechanical engineers have to be ready for work in the outside world, they must be ready to leave the comfort of the air conditioning offices but still the future prospective of mechanical engineers is very good. They are needed in almost every construction, infrastructure, automotive or power generation company. They are also required in mining and surveying companies. Some of the main subjects of mechanical engineering are Thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, automotive engineering, manufacturing science, Plant layout and material handling etc.

There are basically three main courses in Mechanical Engineering like 

1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME)

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering is the most basic course in the field of mechanical, this course you can opt after 10th class or equivalent. The course fee is Rs. 28,700/-

2. Bachelor-program in Mechanical Engineering (BE – Mechanical engineering)

This is the graduate level program in mechanical engineering and very asked course by the companies. The course fee of the course is Rs. 36,700/-

3. Master-program in Mechanical Engineering (ME – Mechanical Engineering)

This is the master program in mechanical engineering and can be done after any graduate level course in Mechanical engineering only.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Master in Business Administration as career opportunity


Master in Business Administration - MBA Distance Education as career opportunity

MBA Distance Education or Master in Business Administration is an internationally recognized degree and develops skills required for prospective career in business management. The value of this degree is not limited to business world but also helpful for those in managerial level, in public sector, private industries as well as other areas. In today’s world, MBA is the most popular professional degree which was originated for the first time in United States by the end of 19th century
            Along with the increasing demand for MBA program, many universities have been established. MBA has a variety of domain to choose by the students and some of the core courses of MBA are marketing, accounting, finance, human resource, operation management and many more. MBA programmes are designed in such a manner that the students are more exposed to practical as well as theoretical knowledge related to business management.

Future scope

Having a bachelor’s degree is common among most of the people and is typically standard requirement for jobs in entry level. Nowadays bachelor’s degree cannot stand strong near to the MBA degree. Completing the class work involved in MBA is a great accomplishment and the option to mention it one’s resume is a driving factor in career advancement. Passing with MBA degree not only sets one apart from others but also shows the level of commitment, enthusiasm and urge to gain knowledge and in a chosen field. Those having MBA degree have wonderful opportunity in career advancement including a chance to secure a position at upper ranks in organizations as well as ability to be successful as self employed. In today’s job market scenario, and MBA degree holder finds place in almost every sector of an organization as this degree provides foundation and basic knowledge of almost every aspects of business administration and hence set platform for jobs at a higher level.


To pursue MBA basic education is required. Moreover since it is a master’s degree, whoever wants to go for MBA it is necessary for him to be a graduate.

MBA programs are been conducted throughout the country. Out of many well known business schools Neptune Institute of Engineering and Management, established in the year 1995, can be a good option for students to get into and attain the precious degree. NIMT -  Neptune Institute of Management and Technology offers master degree in various domains of management.  Moreover management programs are flexible, innovative and less expensive compared to other institutes.  It is globally renowned institute and is duly registered govt. of NCT, Delhi. 

Courses Similar to MBA: